Monday, February 14, 2022

A Fantastic Few Days Indeed


Hey there 

Thanks for dropping by,

I hope your AWM Business is growing daily.

Welcome to all the new members joining us :-)

I hope you are all keeping healthy and safe.

What an awesome couple of days it has been.

The Olympics are in full swing, The Super Bowl was an outstanding

game. The half time show was excellent, even for an old guy like me :-)

Yesterday was Valentines Day - I was spoiled and got a new charcoal BBQ.

And to top it all off, the Ontario government announced a big push on dropping

restrictions and made a huge step towards getting us back to "normal"

As I said, what an awesome couple of days :-)

I have received quite a few emails from new members asking where to start, and

how to succeed using AWM.  I simply love getting emails from engaged members :-)

Of course I pointed to the training aspects of AWM as the best starting blocks for the 

new marketers. Knowledge and continued learning is the key to success in anything you do.

For online marketing success its critical.

AWM was created as an affiliate marketing hub for generating passive income, but also as a training centre to learn how to build the foundation for your success. 

Inside your AWM members area are some excellent affiliate marketing training systems that I encourage all of you to use.

I do not want to overwhelm you with to much information all at once, so lets just focus on 2 really good programs for today :-)

Wealthy Affiliate  -  top notch training programs, no cost website builder, affiliate networking system. This site has all you need to learn, grow and succeed. Grab your no cost membership and put your learning cap on. LOL

Wealthy Affiliate ==>

SFI  -  this training and marketing site has been helping affiliate marketers succeed for over 20 years now.

Excellent training system with plenty of ways to generate a passive income.

There is no razzle or dazzle with SFI, just straight forward marketing know how, and again this is a no cost system

SFI ==>

If you are already a member of these site, I hope you are using them to their full potential.

If you are not yet a member, I invite you to get involved with these excellent marketing sites.

As these are both part of your AWM downline builder, make sure to fill in your referral information so you can share these gems with your AWM referrals.

I hope you enjoy the benefits of these 2 sites, and I will continue to highlight some awesome features of your AWM business at the start of every week.


If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I am always willing to help out where I can.

Thanks for reading today, and always remember.... take time to smell the advertising,

there are a lot of great things growing out there.

To Your AWM Success

Be Safe and Stay Healthy

Kevin Gerber

Affiliate Wealth Maximizer

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