Sunday, May 5, 2024


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your AWM Business is growing daily.

Welcome to all new members joining us today :-)

May has finally arrived, and this is a pretty big month

here in the Gerber house. Its TROTTAGE SEASON!!

We will be heading up to the lake next weekend to 

open up The Trottage. We have not been up since November,

so it is a BIG DEAL!!

Not only is it nice to frolic in the great outdoors for the next few months,

our daughter lives only a 20 minute drive form The Trottage.

We rarely see her over the "cold months", so we will be able to get together

every weekend :-)

OK, enough of the leisure time talk, lets get a bit of business in :-)

I have gone over the April tracking numbers, and here is what I found




These are the top sites and services that gave me the best results for April,

in terms of traffic, sign-ups and sales

Knowing where you are getting your best results is key to reaching your

monthly goals. It all comes down to tracking.

If you are not tracking, you are just advertising blind.

If you would like more information on tracking, please don't hesitate 

to contact me. I would be glad to help out :-)

That will do it for the Sunday Post.

I hope you have a great Sunday and start to the week.

Thanks for reading today, and as always.....take time to smell the advertising,

there are a lot of great things growing out there

To Your AWM Success

Kevin Gerber

I have recently updated the AWM Library. Stop by and check it out.

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