Thursday, June 1, 2023



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We here in Ontario are in the middle of a May heat wave.
It has been over 30C all week, that is incredible for May.
Thank goodness for the AC, it is getting quite the workout LOL

There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic in hot weather,
it really is a BAD situation.
But on the other hand, there was a really GOOD traffic generating tool
launched yesterday.

Traffic Time 3.0 -

We all need a reliable stream of convertible traffic, and 
Traffic Time 3.0 is just the ticket :-)
Simply submit 3 URL's of products or programs that you a currently promoting,
and they will be inserted into the exclusive Traffic Time 3.0 rotator.
Your ads will then be seen by literally thousands of proven buyer marketers.
This really is an incredible source of traffic for any product or promotion from any niche.

Traffic Time 3.0 -

I am continuing to offer the very HELPFUL Fab 5 Freebies.
5 No Cost marketing tools to aid in your day-to-day operations.
They are packed full of training, tools and tactics, so please
Help Yourself To Some Freebies :-)

Thanks for reading, and as always....take time to smell the advertising,
there is always something great growing out there.

To Your AWM Success

Kevin Gerber

I am also highlighting the exciting new marketing tool
E Marketing Tools For U  Take a second and check this one out.


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